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Mama Made Business Rachael Kirkwood

I'm Rachael

Mama Sanctuary

 Created an Award Winning Salon 

I'm a mum of 6 from Manchester, and award winning business owner.

I quit my 14 year career as a designer after I had my first child 11 years ago! I wanted to work from home without the worry of my kids being sick, the stress of taking time off during the school holidays, or being judged for working for an employer around school hours!


I didn't have a clue how to set up a business, very little money, no knowledge of social media, or how to market a business. I spent months researching, watching YouTube videos, teaching myself how to set up a website, create a brand, write blogs, how to use social media - I made it my mission to create successful brands!

11 years later...

  • Designed and manufactured my own range of children's products

  • Created an Online Pregnancy & Parenting Course with 21 professionals in the Mother & Baby Industry 

  • Designed and created an Award Winning Mother & Baby Salon with Childcare Facilities  Check it out  

  • Created a range of digital products for business owners

  • Worked with Small Business owners to create consistent brands and tell their stories through Brand Photography, 1-1 business mentoring and group workshops

  • I'm currently developing a worldwide marketplace platform called 'Female Freelancers and Founders' It will include:  A Jobs / Gig marketplace for freelancers and business owners with map features - find talent in your local area. Post your own business events and workshops wherever you are in the world. There will be Free information on funding options for women looking to start their own business. A portal where you can post your business idea, get feedback, look for cofounders and more.

If I can achieve all of this  - you can too!


Love Rachael

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More about me...


Diary of a CEO


Youtube Tutorials



Your only limit is your mind motivational quote



10 things at once (my ADHD brain)!

Your Mentor

I can work with you on a 1-1 basis on a specific area of your business, or as a business mentor to inspire and motivate you on a regular basis. 


How I can help: 

  • Business Ideas & Business Basics

  • Turning your hobby into a business

  • Creating a consistent brand that sells

  • Creating and growing your social media channels

  • Creating valuable content and scheduling

  • Creating an Etsy Store and supplying you with listing templates and banners

  • Business Growth & Getting Seen

  • Branding & rebranding your business (getting you in front of your ideal customers) and creating a professional looking brand

  • Product Manufacturing 

  • Creating an online course

  • Show you how to create passive income with digital products, drop-shipping and print on demand

  • Show you how to create your own website (easily)!

  • I can help with weekly or monthly accountability to make sure you stay on track to meet your goals.

  • Advice on Trademarking and protecting your brand

  • Help with Productivity -  Mindset, Motivation, Imposter Syndrome & Procrastination

Check out the 1-1 Support page for packages and prices

Are we a good fit?


An Inspiring and Supportive Network for Entrepreneurial Mums 

Whether you have years of experience, just starting out,

or looking to pursue your dreams - we are here to support you! 

Share your business links in our group -

make new connections and Invaluable friendships

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