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Your Monthly Newsletter: Upcoming Events, Directory, LIVES & more!!

🎥 Exciting news! We're hosting an Instagram Live session with Laura from Smook Styling - A member of our membership and mama made business directory. Tune in to learn all about Lauras business and fashion tips on MMB INSTAGRAM tomorrow at 8pm GMT.

Seeking business support, looking to shop with fellow mum-owned businesses, or eager to make new connections? Look no further than our Mums in Business Directory – The Ultimate Hub to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, showcase your business and find services you may need to aid in your business or personal life!!

🔍 How to Navigate:

- Explore our map feature to discover local businesses near you.

- Dive into categories tailored to your interests and needs.

- Use keywords to find exactly what you're looking for.

Ready to join our thriving community? Register your interest to be featured in our directory through our enquiry form HERE.

Dive into our Mums in Business Directory here!

Upcoming Events

📅 Networking Brunch Stalybridge - Tues 27th Feb: Join us for a delightful morning of networking and connection-building with fellow mum entrepreneurs. The Brunch and Coffee are an added bonus and we can confirm they're 10/10!!

📅 Passive Income & Print on Demand Workshop - Fri 22nd March: Learn the secrets to creating passive income streams and unleashing the power of print on demand! You will leave with templates to start you off, lots of information and the skills to start your print on demand or passive income journey. This workshop is going to be hosted from the amazing Colonoy Workspace on Silk St in Manchester!

I have more exciting news...

I’ve spent the past 6 months working on creating a platform like Fiverr, but for Female Freelancers & Founders. You will be able to search for freelancers who are women in business in your local area,see if they have availability, check out any packages or prices and book their services.

If you’re a freelancer or female founder that’s looking for more work or support in your business please help me by filling in the 4 question form below. You will be notified when the platform goes live and you can join for FREE!

Here's to supporting one another and building a thriving community of mum-preneurs! We hope to see some of you at our upcoming events!

Warm regards,

Rachael x


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