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Meet Our Business Mum of the Month: Liz Chadwick!

We're thrilled to introduce you to our exceptional Business Mum of the Month, Liz Chadwick. Liz is an incredible example of a dedicated mum who turned the challenges of redundancy during the COVID-19 pandemic into a thriving business venture while prioritising her family.

The Journey of Monami Finance..

Liz, a mother of two young children, faced a crossroads when she was made redundant with a one-year-old and a three-year-old to care for. Instead of returning to the corporate world with its long hours and daily commutes, she made a bold decision... She founded Monami Finance, a mortgage and protection broker, to craft a work-life balance that suited her family's needs.

Fast forward three years, and Monami Finance is thriving. Liz has recently celebrated the opening of her very own office in the charming town of Chapel en le Frith.. a true testament to her determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

Work-Life Balance: A Priority

What sets Liz apart is her commitment to crafting a life that works for her and her children. She has designed her business to fit around her family, ensuring she never misses a school play or the daily school drop-off. Even during school holidays, the workload continues, but Liz's flexibility means she can tackle tasks in the evenings or on weekends while still enjoying quality time with her kids.

From Kitchen Table to Shopfront

Monami Finance had humble beginnings, with Liz starting her journey at her kitchen table. Her dedication was and passion lead to her eventually transforming her children's playroom into a home office.. And now with Liz's business growth she has now been able to open her own shop on a bustling high street. This strategic move allows her to engage with the local community and maintain a professional atmosphere, free from the distractions of home.

A Passion for Support

Liz's passion shines through in her commitment to being the main support during the house buying and remortgaging process. She is dedicated to helping customers secure the right deals and making the process as stress-free as possible, ensuring that her clients are well-informed and supported every step of the way.

Proud Achievements

What Liz is most proud of is the remarkable reputation and brand she has built while raising her young children. Initially working part-time to accommodate her family, Liz's success allowed her to expand her horizons. She has invested heavily in marketing, branding, and content while actively participating in various networking groups.

Her dream? To build a team of advisors, administrators, and a fully-fledged office, taking Monami Finance to an even higher level!

Family First

Despite the growing demands of her business, Liz remains true to her commitment of having every Friday off during the holidays. She takes her kids to the park and spends quality time with them several times a week. It's a testament to her incredible dedication to both her family and her flourishing business.

Liz Chadwick is a shining example of a successful business mum who has not only adapted to the challenges of motherhood but has embraced them. Her story is an inspiration to us all, and we're so proud to have her as our Business Mum of the Month at Mama Made Business!

Mama Made Business x


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